5 Minutes With.... Toby Bigmore

Our "5 Minutes with..." is a series of blogs for you to get know more about the guys here at Oval, what motivates them and how working for Oval fits into their busy lives.


This month we focus on Toby who looks after all our Drinks clients. Toby is an expert in all things On and Off Trade and enjoys nothing more than sampling what the wonderful world of craft beer has to offer. Even though he is based up in the Highlands of Scotland this doesn’t stop him from hopping on a train or plane to visit his clients to experience first hand what they have to offer.


Like most people I didn’t plan on becoming a recruiter… but I’ve never looked back, when I traveled around SE Asia, Australia and New Zealand I needed to earn a living so I took on a sales role and came to find I was quite good at it, so when I came back to the UK I decided to find a position that would put my skills to good use while at the same time helping people and I found recruitment ticked all those boxes.


Since joining Oval I have found my passion… everyday I read the trade publications to keep up to date with industry news and I am lucky to work with some of the UK’s leading brands who trust me to find the best people in the market to drive their strategy and business forward. I particularly enjoy catching up with candidates who I have placed and hearing how they have progressed in their careers and get the latest gossip.


Its not just about salary…. Listening to my candidates with empathy and digging deep to find out what they need to succeed is essential to getting our clients the individuals that will thrive and succeed in their businesses. Mental health and work/life balance are a key factor in getting the best out of people and finding out those needs through honest, deep conversations helps me make introductions that will ultimately benefit both my candidates and clients in the long run.


I love change… and having to adapt to those changes is what spurs me on and my competitive nature means I always want to win. As a keen 5-a-side player I understand that collaboration between everyone involved ultimately leads to victory. However there is a fine line and sometimes being over competitive can lead to unwanted behaviours in the world of recruitment, but I know myself and the Oval process will make sure that my knowledge, support and guidance is the best for all involved and adapting to a changing environment gives me a crucial competitive advantage.


Working remotely means you don’t run out the office when the clock strikes 5, meaning I am available in the evenings or early morning to speak to candidates and clients where they my not be available during the normal working day. I have worked in an office environment before and I genuinely feel there can be a lot of distractions so working from home allows me to focus more and be more productive with my time.


Even though I live over 400 miles away from the office I still feel like part of the Oval family… Everyone here at Oval has the same values in terms of family. Me and my partner welcomed our first child this year and Oval’s flexible working and working from home meant I could attend scans and Doctors appointments when needed. In our industry communication is the key to being part of a successful team and with regular phone calls and trips down to the office I never feel disconnected from the team.


I always start my day with a walk on the beach with my dog Cocoa….. it helps me clear my mind and plan my strategy for the day and its good for my mental and physical health especially when its blowing a gale and minus 3 as is usually the case up here in the highlands.


Most memorable Oval moment… there have been many moments that spring to mind and something that I have really enjoyed is visiting clients on site, at home and abroad. Having the chance to see first hand, the science and process that goes into making these amazing products helps me understand what is needed to thrive in the fast paced world of drinks. Although winning the Oval darts competition at Christmas comes in a very close second.