5 Benefits of Working with a Professional Recruitment Partner

Using a recruitment partner can be an invaluable tool for businesses looking to find the best possible candidates for their open positions. They are not only beneficial to save time and effort, but can also guarantee successful and long-term placements - providing unparalleled returns on your investment.


Need some convincing? We've outlined 5 key reasons why you should be leveraging the expertise of a recruitment partner when considering your next hire:


1 Recruitment partners have access to a much wider pool of candidates than a single business does.

Having the right person for the job is essential for a successful business. However, traditional methods of posting job advertisements and waiting for applications can often fail to identify the best individuals for the role and in many cases perfect candidates are headhunted. Here at Oval, we take a different approach, we use a range of innovative tools including headhunting to ensure that we are finding the very best people for each role quickly and efficiently.


2 Recruitment partners specialize in understanding the needs of the business and the job role, so they can better match the right candidate to the right job.

Hiring top talent is more than just searching through CV’s and conducting interviews. This is why Oval really get to know their candidates, CV’s only provide a professional snapshot, we dig into the finer detail to find out cultural values, what balance is required between work and personal life, and remuneration expectations. With this insight, we can find individuals with shared cultural values, leading to long-term mutually beneficial partnerships that stand the test of time.


3 A recruitment partner is more cost-effective than trying to hire on your own.

Recruitment partners provide services and tools to help save time and money when searching for qualified professionals. We have a network of hundreds of experienced professionals, and with us, you'll get the right people in the shortest amount of time. We know your time is precious and by using a recruitment partner like Oval can make the whole process more efficient by placing candidates in vacant roles and reducing the time it would take to hire if your were to manage the process internally.


4 Recruitment partners are experienced in the recruitment process and can help guide your business through the entire process more smoothly.

From choosing the right candidate, negotiating salaries and packages, to making offers - partnering with an experienced recruitment specialist like Oval will give you all the support and insights you need throughout the whole recruitment journey making the process stressless and painless.


5 Working with a recruitment partner gives you access to their expertise and resources which can help you make the best hiring decisions for your business.

Talking to professionals in the industry, be that clients or candidates, helps us to gain crucial insight into the industry and wider market forces. We at Oval know that networking with industry professionals is a vital tool for taking your staffing strategy to the next level, from conducting salary surveys and identifying skills gaps, to doing the necessary research for successful succession planning.


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