Team Activity Day - April

25 years ago we could never have imagined how far we would come, and that is all down to the hard work and dedication of our amazing consultants and this quarter has been one of our best starts to a year ever and we are hoping to build on this and make 2022 a record breaking year for Oval.


To celebrate our end of quarter we had an afternoon out at our local outdoor centre for some axe and knife throwing, and air rifle shooting. We split up into two groups and after a short safety breifing we started with the small knives. Everyone got the hang of it pretty quickly even though some didnt quite hit their target. After the knives we moved on to the axes and this is were the fun began.


Everyone got off to a good start and found the targets pretty easily but Nicola was struggling and after a little guidance from the instructor she started throwing with two hands instead of one. What the instructor didnt take into account was nicola's throwing strength and she ended up totally missing the target and sending the axe onto the roof of the compound where it stayed for the rest of the session. If points were given for distance she would have been a clear winner.


After the axes we moved on to the air rifles, this was a little more subdued and there was an eerie quiet as everyone concentrated on their aim to hit the targets. We had a competition at the end of the session to see who could take 7 shots accurately in the shortest time and Clayton was the winner at 32 seconds with Nicola second and Toby in close third.


It was then back to the office to catch up on calls and emails and we finshed off the evening at the local Chinese resturaunt for dinner and drinks.