Team Activity Day - September

One early autumnal morning the Oval team set out on their quarter 3 activity day. Their destination? Sherwood Forest, to take part in a Segway rally.

After a short training session everyone got the hang of the controls and cautiously set off on the rugged terrain on a trail through the forest.

After a few bumps and tentative acceleration everyone was starting to get more confident and the speed was cranked up to a whopping 12 miles an hour with our very own Nicola Grainger (aka Lewis Hamilton) leading the way.

When the team reached the more technical part of the course they had to negotiate dips, steep hills, exposed tree roots and hairpin bends where unfortunately Tim came unstuck and ended up on the forest floor which gave us all a laugh (he was possibly distracted as he hadn’t checked his inbox for at least 30 minutes).

Nearing the end of the course we gained a new recruit. A miniature Dachshund had joined our party chasing after Toby (were pretty sure he had some Dog treats stashed in his coat).  Once he had been safely escorted back to his owner (the dog not Toby) the team set off back to base camp for a well-earned Hot drink.

Once everyone could feel their fingers again it was on to some team building games which included tying a rope blindfolded which was a little unnerving but with Claytons succinct direction we completed with ease.

The day ended in nearby Edwinstowe with a nice warm meal and a well deserved rest.